Building & Renovation

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Building your dreams and renovating your ideas at Stoney Lane Building

Stoney Lane Builders are a West Midlands based building and renovation company. We have extensive experience and knowledge in jobs of all sizes. Working around the UK has enabled us to with a number of commercial and personal projects, which can range from large to the small businesses. Our knowledge and understanding of commercial criteria’s mean that we are able to meet all those detailed requirements and regulations, as well as bringing our own initiative and experience to the table.

Our key strengths are our knowledge base and a valued network of contractors which covers a wide range of skills and abilities, which we’ve built up over many years. We’ve carefully selected those that we trust and have a good reputation so that they will endeavour to meet the standards of work we pride ourselves on.

Through our project management methods, we’re able to take away the hassle and issues that can come with leading and organising a large team.  We will mediate with the key persons to achieve the task set ahead. Whether it’s your dream extension, renovation or business venture, we will ensure you have clear and precise communication and skills throughout your projects, as well as progression meetings where they’re required.

You can check us out at where reviews are readily available for you, or if you would like recent updates please use our facebook icon to follow us.