Here are 5 Starter Steps to CREATING your Dream building Project for home or business

Imagine you are sitting in your front room, all cosy by the warm fire. As you sip that lovely cup of tea while flicking through that inspiring home magazine. If only you could make your home look like that! You have a budget to work to, but not sure how far that budget will go?  Not sure where you should start first?

Here are a couple of tips to get you started

1) Decide what you would really like… make a list of ideas, and work your way through them one bit at a time. Your project might be a long-term one, so it’s best to decide where you want to end, so you know where to start first. Have a realistic deadline that doesn’t create unrealistic pressures. You can then achieve the best because you planed it and you gave it the necessary time to be made. The key aspect being quality of quantity.

2) Gather as many visuals as you can, whether, on Pinterest, Magazines, or from social media sites this will help you translate your vision to us tradesmen.  Once we know where your heading we can start coming up with solutions to your space.

3) Have a fixed budget to start with, but also have a plan b fund too. Be very clear and realistic with your aims. Don’t expect a mountain if you pay for a pea. In other words, be clear on what you want at the very beginning so that your relationship with your contractors remains intact all the way through.  Plan b funds are there for you should you wish to add additional elements as the project grows. Our advice is that all additional elements are quoted and signed off, for your own peace of mind and your contractors. Everyone knows where they stand, which ensures you always get the best throughout your projects.

4) You’ve paid for the expert, doesn’t mean you can’t question their work. But as seen as they are there ask their advice on building issues and regular updates are key.  When your team are highly focused on the task at hand, it’s easy to miss the time for that key project meeting or update. Make sure you have a list of key elements that you require or need answers. This way you are using the time wisely and never taking to much time away from your project.

5) Communication is key. Know your plan, and if in the midst of its growth you don’t like what you have set in place i.e shelf or light. Then say so immediately before the work is almost complete, early changes will save time and grief for you both. Listen to your tradesmen if there are valid reasons why something can’t be moved, it may be due to pipes, or there is no wood or strength to hold it to. I once didn’t like a shelf that was planned into a kitchen refit, and the customer felt the same as me, so we didn’t add it in, if we had of it would have meant a lot of work, as we would have had to replaster the wall we had just tiled. So a quick change saved time in the long run.


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